ChainThat offers a range of services to rapidly plan, design, implement and host proof of concepts, pilots and solutions. All delivered by an experienced team that has deep experience across all the domains of transformation delivery and live service management.


Feasibility Study / PoCs

ChainThat's Feasibility studies and Proof of Concepts allow the insurance community to better understand the potential business value decentralised services/solutions offer.  We provide the complete technical solution to the business problem in case.  By working closely with our customers, we can rapidly deliver measurable outcomes to prove the value to business users. 

  • We start with a knowledge transfer to the customer so they can better understand how the potential solutions can impact the business.  
  • Once the requirements are understood and agreed a design is produced from which a fully functional PoC is built in a dedicated cloud environment.  
  • Throughout the development of the PoC the customer is given regular updates and demonstrations so that feedback can be gathered early on and key changes incorporated. 
  • Our agile delivery method allows the customer to expand and focus on key features needed to add further value.

 Once development is complete the PoC environment is made available to the customer for their own internal demonstrations and testing.  To further aid this user guides are created along with a short video demonstration to help with the internal communications of the business value.

MVP Implementation & Pilots 

We have real-world experience of implementing multiple complex insurance Blockchain solutions into Pilot and beyond. We can help plan the implementation of, or transition from a from PoC to, a Minimum Viable Proposition (MVP) Pilot launch of the decentralised Blockchain application.  In order to maximise benefit delivery this often includes the set-up of a consortium and partnerships with multiple participants spanning carriers, brokers and their complex internal entity structures. We work with our customers to help create an ecosystem by facilitating the transition from individual company use cases to viable solutions across the entire insurance value chain. While the participants of the consortium are able to focus on the core values and strengths, our solutions act as enablers to create common standards, data constructs and efficient back-office processing models.  

Enterprise Production Solutions

Although PoCs and pilots deliver insight, real value and benefit delivery is delivered when solutions are introduced into full production service. We have deep experience in service introduction and service management of complex insurance solutions in unforgiving production environments. We understand the need to meet not only meets the functional requirements but also the non-functional requirements including security, compliance, performance, availability, scalability, audit, monitoring and configuration management.   Our support and licensing models are adapted to meet the needs of the specific solution to ensure SLAs and KPIs can be maintained across the consortium while ensuing a cost effective solution for all participants.