(Re)Insurance Solutions

Placing (CTPlacing)

Decentralised application allows brokers & re(insurers)  to negotiate, create and manage placement terms when a new risk contract is being placed in a market. The data from the each blockchain node is easily integrated with the existing policy admin systems via interfaces that support ACORD data standards.

  • Reduces processing time and cost
  • (Near)Real-time availability of the consistent data across 
  • Digital signatures and legal certainty

Facility Schemes (CTFacility)

Blockchain powered application that allows brokers to create and manage scheme policies via pre-defined facilities (e.g. Excess of Loss) that are setup with the (re)insurers.

  • Improved data discoverability
  • Standardise communication framework 
  • Data consistency and avoid data duplication
  • SmartContract led Quote Engine 
  • Digital Contracts
  • Complete audit and enhanced transparency

Contract Management (CTContract)

CTContract allows multi-parties to create, negotiate and manage a digital contract. Users can view the difference with previous versions of the contract terms and ensures contract sign integrity - i.e. ensure all participants in the contract have signed the same version of the contract.

  • Immutable history with time-stamping 
  • Digital Signatures removes the need for manual overheads
  • Version history ability to compare and view updates on the contract terms
  • Improves productivity/efficiencies across the contract process
  • Data Quality/Consistency enforced